Field Trips


We're happy to announce that at this year's meeting you'll have field trip opportunities on additional days. We hope you'll come for a few extra days and get to know more of our incredibly scenic and diverse marine and terrestrial environments surrounding Sitka.

The traditional Field Trip Day is the Thursday before OBFS, so we've given options for diverse interests on Thursday Sept. 22. Additionally, we're offering organized field trips on Sept. 21 and 25, as well as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit a new field station and institute on northern Chichagof Island, the Inian Island Institute, Sept. 25 - 27. The Meeting point is in front of the Sitka Sound Science Center for all field trips, unless otherwise noted.

Please note: if you'd like to participate in a field trip before the meeting, you should plan to arrive on the day before your field trip.

SACK LUNCH REMINDER: We'll have sack lunches available Sept 21, 22, and 25, ONLY for those who sign up for these in advance. Cost is $12 for each sack lunch (except for sack lunch on 9/22 which is included in the registration fee). If your field trip is over the lunch hour (Noon to 1pm), please reserve a sack lunch or make other arrangements. Sack lunches can be picked up the day of field trips at 7am. If you're on the Sea Lion Cove field trip on Sept 22, please check the box on your registration form under sack lunches, and your sack lunch will be ready the night before and will not include items that need to be refrigerated. Your sack lunch will be large as you'll be missing breakfast to go on this great excursion (it's well worth it!). Lunch service on campus will be available for $12 on Thursday Sept 22 as well as Sunday Sept 25, if reserved in advance.

Please contact Jenn Hamblen at or (907) 747-8878 ext. 11 with any questions you have concerning Field Trip or other logistics of the 2016 OBFS meeting.

Wed, 9/21


Full day Sea Kayaking with Sitka Sound Adventures


Half-day Sea Kayaking with Sitka Sound Adventures 8:30am


Half-day Sea Kayaking with Sitka Sound Adventures 10am

Thu, 9/22


Sea Lion Cove Excursion


Harbor Mountain to Gavan Ridge


Tlingit Art & Culture Tour


Fish Industry and Hatchery Tour


Half-day Sea Kayaking with Sitka Sound Adventures


Starrigavan Field Station trip


Sitka Historic Walking and Sitka National Historical Park Tour

Sun, 9/25

whale tour

Allen Marine Whale and Bird Watching tour