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Local movements, habitat use, and long distance migrations across stock boundaries by satellite tagged sperm whales in the North Pacific

Straley J.M , Andrews R.D. , Schorr G.S. , Thode A.M. , Calambokidis J. , Lunsford C.R. , Chenoweth E. , O’Connell V.

Tracking sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus) dive profiles using a towed passive acoustic array

Thode A.M.
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Three-dimensional passive acoustic tracking of sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) in ray-refracting environments

Thode A.M.
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A note on sperm whales and longline fishery off Southeast Alaska: exploring connections between interaction and acoustic observations.

Teloni V. , Thode A.M. , Straley J.M
PhD Thesis. April, 2006. 18pp.

Three-dimensional localization of sperm whales using a single hydrophone

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Refinement and testing of a brooke trout bioenergetics model

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Observations of potential acoustic cues that attract sperm whales to longline fishing in the Gulf of Alaska

Thode A.M. , Straley J.M , Tiemann C. , Folkert K. , O’Connell V.
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Electrical phase angle as a new method to measure fish condition

Cox K.W. , Heintz R.
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Seasonal growth and energy dynamics of forage fish in nearshore habitats of Prince William Sound, Alaska

Heintz R. , Cox M.K.
NOAA fisheries, Juneau

Relationship between sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus) click structure and size derived from videocamera images of a depredating whale (sperm whale prey acquisition)

Mathias D.K. , Thode A.M. , Straley J.M , Folkert K.
J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 125(5), 3444-3453

Tracking sperm whales with a towed acoustic vector sensor

Thode A.M. , Skinner J.S. , Scott P. , Roswell J. , Straley J.M , Folkert K.
J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 128(5), 2681-2694

Examining the biosonar process involved with depredation of black cod by sperm whales in the Alaskan long line fishery

Au W.L. , Thode A.M. , Folkert K. , Straley J.M
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Discovery and significance of the colonial tunicate Didemnum vexillum in Alaska

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Measurements of resistance and reactance in fish with the use of bioelectrical impedance analysis: sources of error

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Sperm whale population structure in the eastern and central North Pacific inferred by the use of single-nucleotide polymorphisms, microsatellites and mitochondrial DNA

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Using movements, genetics and trophic ecology to differentiate inshore from offshore aggregations of humpback whales in the Gulf of Alaska

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Acoustic and diving behavior of sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) during natural and depredation foraging in the Gulf of Alaska

Mathias D.K. , Thode A.M. , Straley J.M , Calambokidis J. , Schorr G.S. , Folkert K.
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Genetic perspectives on Arctic biodiversity. In: Arctic biodiversity assessment

Cook J.A. , Brochmann C. , Fedorov V. , Talbot S.L. , Taylor E.B. , Väinölä R. , Hoberg E.P. , Kholodova M. , Magnusson K.P.
Conservation of Arctic fauna and flora committee, Copenhagen. Pp. 459-483

Acoustic tracking of sperm whales in the Gulf of Alaska using a two-element vertical array and tags

Mathias D.K. , Thode A.M. , Straley J.M , Andrews R.D.
J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 134(3), 2446-2461

Natural history collections as emerging resources for innovative education

Cook J.A. , Edwards S.V , Lacey E. , Guralnick R.P. , Soltis P.S. , Soltis D.E. , Welch C.K. , Bell K.C. , Galbreath K.E. , Himes C. , Allen J.M. , Heath T.A. , Carnaval A.C. , Cooper K.L. , Liu M. , Hanken J. , Ickert-Bond S.
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Using models of social transmission to examine the spread of depredation behavior among sperm whales in the Gulf of Alaska

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Depredating sperm whales in the Gulf of Alaska: local habitat use and long distance movements across putative population boundaries

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A comparison of acoustic and visual metrics of sperm whale longline depredation

Thode A.M. , Wild L.A. , Mathias D.K. , Straley J.M , Lunsford C.R.
J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 135(5), 3086-3100

Testing a passive deterrent on longlines to reduce sperm whale depredation in the Gulf of Alaska

O’Connell V. , Straley J.M , Liddle J.B. , Wild L.A. , Behnken L. , Falvey D. , Thode A.M.
ICES J. Mar. Sci. 72(5), 1667-1672. doi: 10.1093/icesjms/fsv014

Warming and elevated CO2 interact to drive rapid shifts in marine primary productivity

Sorte C.J.B , Bracken M.E.S.
PLoS ONE. 10(12). doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0145191

Southeast Alaska Sperm Whale Avoidance Project (SEASWAP): a successful collaboration among scientists and industry to study depredation in Alaskan waters

Straley J.M , O’Connell V. , Liddle J.B. , Thode A.M. , Wild L.A. , Behnken L. , Falvey D. , Lunsford C.R.
ICES J. Mar. Sci. 72(5), 1598-1609. doi: 10.1093/icesjms/fsv090

Cues, creaks, and decoys: using passive acoustic monitoring as a tool for studying sperm whale depredation

Thode A.M. , Straley J.M , O’Connell V. , Behnken L. , Falvey D. , Mathias D.K. , Wild L.A. , Calambokidis J. , Schorr G.S. , Andrews R.D. , Liddle J.B. , Lunsford C.R.
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Kelp, Climate, and More in Sitka Sound

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The influence of terrestrial matter in marine food webs of the Beaufort Sea shelf and slope

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Effective field theory approach to tidal dynamics of spinning astrophysical systems

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A No-go for partially massless spin-2 Yang-Mills

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Double Screening

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Manifest duality for partially massless higher spins

Hinterbichler K. , Joyce A.
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Revision of widespread red squirrels (genus:Tamiasciurus) highlights the complexity of speciation within North American forests

McGowan J. , Beger M. , Lewison R.L. , Harcourt R. , Campbell H. , Priest M. , Dwyer R.G. , Lin H.Y. , Lentini P. , Dudgeon C. , McMahon C.
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Joint resonant CMB power spectrum and bispectrum estimation

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Baleen hydrodynamics and morphology of cross-flow filtration in balaenid whale suspension feeding

Werth A.J. , Potvin J.
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Baleen wear reveals intraoral water flow patterns of mysticete filter feeding

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Anthropogenic climate change in marine and environmental science programs in the United States

Vlietstra L. , Mrakovcich K.L. , Futch V.C. , Stutzman B.S.
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Using line acceleration to measure false killer whale (Pseudorca crassidens) click and whistle source levels during pelagic longline depredation

Thode A.M. , Wild L.A. , Straley J.M , Barnes D. , Bayless A. , O’Connell V. , Oleson E. , Sarkar J. , Falvey D. , Behnken L. , Martin S.
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A modern approach to superradiance

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Inflation in Flatland

Hinterbichler K. , Joyce A. , Khoury J.
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Genetic diversity in the worldwide Botrychium lunaria (Ophioglossaceae) complex, with new species and new combinations

Stensvold M.C. , Farrar D.R.
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