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Our Mission

The Sitka Sound Science Center is dedicated to increasing understanding and awareness of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems of Alaska through education and research.

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Featured Research Programs

Landslide Research

Expert and volunteers study the risk of natural disasters in the region and share relevant information with the community.

Hatchery Wild Chum Interaction

Addressing concerns about escapement assessment and genetic and ecological interactions between hatchery and wild stocks.

Climate Change and Ecosystem Impacts

A team of researchers are simulating conditions that might be found in the ocean in the year 2100.

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Featured Education Programs

Scientists in the Schools

Creating a student population with an appreciation for marine ecology.

Summer Camps

Our camps promise to be some of the most fun and adventurous experiences for being involved in science!

Behind the Scenes

Fun learning events for adults – featuring stand-alone sessions that explore features of the marine environment that we celebrate at the Science Center

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