Sheldon Jackson

Sheldon Jackson

Sheldon Jackson


Operations and Training 

The Sheldon Jackson Hatchery is an operating salmon hatchery permitted by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to raise and produce 250,000 coho, 3 million pink, and 12 million chum each year. It also serves as an educational and training tool—the only training facility of this scope in Alaska. Since its inception in 1974, the Sheldon Jackson Hatchery has trained many of Alaska’s fisheries biologists, fisheries managers, and aquaculture specialists.

Visitors to Sitka Sound Science Center can tour our operational hatchery. Learn in detail about the relationship between hatcheries and commercial fishing, how hatcheries work in Alaska, and how they capitalize on the life cycle of the salmon.

Our Partnerships

The Sheldon Jackson Hatchery has a close partnership with the Northern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association (NSRAA). In addition to providing training and research opportunities to members of NSRAA, the hatchery releases 9 million of the chum it produces at NSRAA’s Deep Inlet fishery.

The Sheldon Jackson Hatchery also partners with the Fisheries Technology Program at the University of Alaska Southeast (UAS), Sitka campus. The Fisheries Technology Program provides associate degrees and certification in aquaculture and fisheries management.

We also have our own hatchery internship opportunity, click here for more details.

Sitka Sound Science Center offers hands-on training opportunities for students in the programs via workshops and internships.

Click here for an example of a past collaboration with the UAS Sitka Fish Technology Program.